All-gender restrooms for adults only!

All–gender restrooms for adults only! All-gender restrooms are facilities that anyone can use regardless of gender. Which may or may not be popular, legal, or permitted contingent on where you live, work, and study. Few things need in-dept explain; this is one of them. All-Gender bathrooms should be allowed for adults only, if that is… Continue reading All-gender restrooms for adults only!


LIBRARY PROPOSALS L-I-B-R-A-R-Y Let’s innovate bravely, responsibly, and resourcefully yesterday! My acronym called LIBRARY, represents my public library policy mission to disrupt, modernize, and expand library services while simultaneously practicing cost saving measures of taxpayer dollars.   I am proud to be your committed disruptor to our legacy public library model. Here are some of… Continue reading L-I-B-R-A-Y


REIMAGINING, REDISCOVERING AND REPURPOSING OUR PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Welcome to Like you, I am concerned that our California public schools will not or cannot provide in-person teaching and learning. Whatever the reason may be why a school board, school superintendent, the school principal is unable or unwilling to reopen our public schools full-time, it’s basically… Continue reading REIMAGINING, REDISCOVERING AND REPURPOSING OUR PUBLIC LIBRARIES.


Public Library Outsourcing Partnerships

Public library outsourcing, what is it anyway? In recent years, some public libraries across America have outsourced their library management functions. To be more specific, our public libraries that have outsourced remain public libraries in every legal sense of the word; it’s just that an outside for-profit company now manages their day-to-day library operation, staff,… Continue reading Public Library Outsourcing Partnerships

A Space Force Academy for libraries and schools?

(The following is a working draft pending updates and additional information.) Space Force Academy for libraries and schools? Before December 2019, our entire United States Armed Forces consisted of five military branches, the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Airforce. After December 2019, we now have a sixth military known as the USSF. Our USSF… Continue reading A Space Force Academy for libraries and schools?

Library School

Welcome to Library School, a dedicated Internet space to explore, share, and beta-test pedagogical proposals. I created a dedicated Internet space called Library School, to do just that, to facilitate the online presence, collaboration, and testing of out the ordinary proposals for our libraries. I often ponder if our library schools at our colleges and… Continue reading Library School




Our Military Libraries

Our Active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard members play a crucial role in society, national security, disaster relief, and so much more. Therefore, with great pride as a library trustee, I come up with a library modernization initiative with a student-centric focus for our service members and their families.

Library Email

By Library Trustee Library Email is my educational initiative to advocate for a secure, easy to use, reliable, and accessible universal library registration system nationwide.